Vestfold Hills

The Vestfold Hills is one of the few exposed portions of late Archaean to Palaeoproterozoic crust in East Antarctica. Geochemical, isotopic and geochronological studies have shown that the basement rocks of the Vestfold Hills are distinct from the Napier Complex, Rauer Group and the Ruker Terrane and that the Vestfold Hills Archaean basement forms a unique cratonic fragment with its own pressure–temperature (PT) record and geological history.

The distinctive detrital zircon age populations and the period metamorphism recorded by the Vestfold Hills paragneisses lead us to speculate that: (1) these rocks were sourced from, and deposited on the margin of the crystalline basement to the North China Craton at the end of the Archaean, and (2) they underwent a period of high-grade metamorphism related to orogenesis driven by the collision of the North China Craton with the Archaean nucleus of South India during the late-Archaean to early-Paleoproterozoic.