Jonas Kämpf

I received a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree from the University of Freiburg in 2017 and 2020, respectively, and started a Ph.D. at Curtin in 2021. My research interests primarily lie in the fields of metamorphic petrology and geochemistry, with particular focus on the pressure–temperature–time (P–T–t) evolution of high-grade metamorphic rocks in orogenic belts, and fluid-rock interaction mechanisms in subduction zones. In the past I have worked on felsic granulites in the Variscan migmatite complex of the Black Forest (SW Germany) applying conventional geothermobarometry to constrain their P–T path during exhumation, and have used mineral chemistry and mass balance calculations to discuss fluid infiltration and associated metasomatism in a subducted slice of continental lithosphere from the WesternAlps.

More recently, I have also become interested in early Earth geodynamics. My Ph.D. research focuses on the conditions and timing of crustal metamorphism during the Archean Eon and its implications for the geodynamic evolution of early Earth. Although plate tectonics is nowadays universally accepted as the general tectonic regime on modern Earth, it is still highly debated when it emerged on a global scale and whether it was preceded by a different tectonic regime during the first 1–2 billion years of our planet’s evolution. In the past, P–T conditions recorded by metamorphic rocks have often been used to deduce the tectonic setting in which they formed, as different thermobaric gradients (T/P) are expected to reflect different tectonic settings. However, such data for ancient metamorphic rocks older than 2.8 Ga are largely missing due their scarce exposure and common polymetamorphic overprint, preventing unambiguous interpretations on how crustal differentiation of Earth’s first continental crust worked during the Archean. By investigating samples from multiple Archean cratons worldwide and applying a range of analytical techniques in combination with phase equilibrium modeling, I aim to constrain the P–T–age conditions and underlaying tectonic processes of Archean metamorphosed continental crust.